Andrew Havener Has Arrived

Andrew Havener is all business in his approach to the fight game. He doesn’t have time for it to be any other way.

The 34-year-old lightweight is well aware he’s not only competing with his opposition inside the cage but scrapping it out with Father Time as well. Havener is realistic about the challenges ahead, and this is the reason he’s decided to make his long-awaited professional debut at Aries Fight Series 1 this Saturday night.

The timing is now or never, and Havener is eager to stamp the moment in proper fashion.

“Turning pro is something I should have done a while ago, but it’s something I’m ready for,” Havener told Spectation Sports. “My coaches all believe I’m ready, and of course, my age is a factor. I will make the most of this moment, but a lot goes into the jump from amateur to pro.

“The biggest change, in my opinion, is the prep time required in the gym. The rounds are going from three to five minutes, and while that may not seem like anything big, two extra minutes over five rounds adds a lot of time to the fight. That, and it’s time to get paid for doing this.”

As Havener is set to begin a new chapter of his career this Saturday night in Chattanooga, the gauge and scope of his career have never been sharper. He is at a proverbial crossroads in his career. Whatever way his bout against David Lewis shakes out will determine everything on the path forward.

“It’s an extraordinary and exciting time in my career,” Havener said. “If I go in there and do what I plan to do, then I can grab some eyes and spotlight on Saturday. That could propel my career to bigger stages and bring bigger fights and opportunities. At the same time, I’m 34, which could mark a much different turn for me. I’m fully confident in my skills, but I’m also realistic in the fact the occasional fight on a Saturday night may be it for me. That’s the give and take of this game.”

While Havener making his professional debut may mark a new level of his career, the scrappy lightweight is far from green in the ranks of the hurt business. He’s witnessed the evolution of the regional scene firsthand. He is quick to show his appreciation for the opportunities the growth has yielded.

“It feels like every card has eyes on it now,” Havener said. “I remember fighting at smokers that would have a ring set up in the parking lot of a titty bar. You’d go in and clobber someone and then see that dude laying in an alley out back bleeding everywhere. Those days are gone, and I’m grateful for them. It seems like that same small show would have a television contract somewhere or streamed on the internet. That’s pretty awesome.

“The right kind of performance can open doors immediately where in the past it was a much longer haul. I’d love to get this win and jump to Dana White’s Contender Series or get a Bellator contract, but those are things beyond my control. I have to go in there and perform the way I’ve trained to perform. I’ve busted my ass in the lead-up to this fight. It’s going to show on Saturday.”

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