Joshua Oxendine: Spotlight Catching Up to the Show

Lack of motivation is never an issue where Josh Oxendine is concerned. The former Marine turned mixed martial artist certainly has a love for the scrap, and believes doing what you love is the most worthwhile of pursuits.

The Tennessee native jumped back into the win column with an impressive outing at Showcase MMA 21 back in September in a fight he honored fallen servicemembers in Afghanistan.  It was an emotionally charged night where victory was claimed, and “The Oxman” was satisfied with the results.

“It was good night for me,” Oxendine told Specation Sports. “I broke a rib in second round and got hurt a bit. I got the job done but I should’ve finished quick. No matter what though I wasn’t going lose. I was fighting for my brothers and sisters who lost their lives. There was no way I was going to lose.

“I’m fighting for faith and family as always. No matter what you came from and what you been through you can always strive for more. You can achieve it. I’m trying to shed light on situations and show that whatever you dream and are willing to work for is possible. It’s going to be a great night.”

For his next turn the hard-charging upstart will look to build further momentum this weekend under the bright lights this weekend when he faces William Hale at Showcase MMA 22. The bout undoubtedly marks a quick turnaround for the 27-year-old, but it’s the rate of activity Oxendine prefers.

“I wanted to get right back in there and I’m happy we are,” Oxendine said. “I wanted to quick turnaround and I’m excited about it. Like I said I had a small injury in my last fight, but I’m beyond ready to fight again. I plan on getting this win under my belt and plan on getting another fight in this year. 

“I’m going to finish this in under a minute,” he added. “I have a fully rounded skill set, but my bread and butter is hands. We’ve put in some great work this camp and I really look forward to showing them off for the fans. Don’t blink. One punch and he’s going to sleep.”

While Oxendine may be scrapping it out on smaller stages on the regional circuit, he has tremendous faith in the increasingly large spotlight that has found his home promotion. The organization has not only produced a winner of The Ultimate Fighter, but multiple competitors on Dana White’s Contenders Series and Bellator alike. 

Oxendine is willing to do whatever it takes to put himself in striking distance of the biggest stages and believes his body of work will shine through in the near future.

“The rise of Showcase been awesome,” Oxendine said. “We are growing and I’m trying to be the next guy. I can’t and won’t be denied. I fight multiple weight classes and have proven I’m ready and willing to step in whenever the need arises. A win in this next bout will make it eight of my last nine, and I believe my activity and track record will put me where I need to be. Whenever the call comes I’m going to be ready. Until that comes I’m going to keep doing my thing and winning these fights.”

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